Teriyaki bowl – warm brown rice, edamame, broccoli, carrots, cucumber, shaved scallion, sesame seeds, tamari teriyaki sauce  $10.45

Patagonia bowl – warm quinoa, sweet potato, adzuki & black beans, avocado, carrots, tomatoes, chimichurri pesto (V) $10.95

Nourish bowl – warm quinoa, sweet potato, adzuki & black beans, avocado, sprouted pumpkin seeds, jalapeno, green tahini (V) $10.95

Falafel Bliss bowl – warm quinoa, baked falafel, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, mixed greens, kalamata olives, basil pesto vinaigrette (V)  $11.95

Thai Buddha bowl – warm brown rice, spinach, edamame, red bell pepper, carrots, cabbage, slivered almonds, cilantro, jalapeno, red curry peanut sauce $11.95

Ahi Poke bowl – warm brown rice, ahi poke, avocado, cucumber, shaved scallion, sesame seeds, citrus ponzu and wasabi-ginger sauce $13.95


Hale Kale Caesar – shredded kale, romaine, tomatoes, shaved parmesan, sprouted pumpkin seeds, caesar dressing $8.95

The Greek Salad – romaine, cucumber, red onion, tomatoes, feta cheese, kalamata olives, sunflower seeds, and lemon herb vinaigrette $10.45

Thai Kale Salad – kale, shredded carrots, purple cabbage, red bell pepper, radish, cilantro, cashews and spicy peanut vinaigrette (V) $10.45

Popeye Power Salad – romaine, spinach, pickled red onion, avocado, beets, cranberries, goat cheese, hemp seeds, goji berry dust, balsamic vinaigrette – $11.95

Fiesta Salad – romaine, avocado, red pepper, corn, adzuki & black beans, salsa fresca, pumpkin seeds, cilantro-jalapeno vinaigrette (V) $11.45


Powerhouse Soup – healing vegetable stock, quinoa, spinach, celery, carrots, scallions (V) $8.95

 Chicken Rice Soup – healing vegetable stock, brown rice, celery, scallions, chicken   $9.95

Healing Vegetable Broth – 12 oz – $5.00 24 oz – $8.50


  1. BASE: Warm Quinoa, Warm Brown Rice, Arugula, Mixed Greens, Kale, Romaine, Spinach
  2. TOP: Choose up to 4 (additional $.75 ea)


  • Ahi Tuna Poke $4
  • Grass Fed Steak $4
  • Baked Falafel $3
  • Organic Chicken  $3.5
  • Organic Tofu $2.5
  • Avocado $2
  • Organic Egg $2
  • Goat Cheese $1
  • Feta Cheese $1
  • Cheddar Cheese $1
  • Parmesan Cheese $1
  • Dried Goji Berries $.75
  1. PICK YOUR DRESSING (1 included, additional $.75 ea)
  • balsamic vinaigrette (v)
  • lemon herb (detox) vinaigrette (v)
  • basil pesto vinaigrette (v)
  • greek yogurt caesar dressing
  • chimichurri pesto (v)
  • cilantro-jalapeno vinaigrette (v)
  • green tahini (v)
  • red curry peanut sauce (*warm)
  • tamari teriyaki sauce (*warm)
  • citrus ponzu (v)
  • wasabi-ginger sauce
  • balsamic vinegar (v)
  • extra virgin olive oil (v)
  • fresh lemon squeeze (v)
  • healing veggie broth (*warm) (v)

All of our dressings are gluten-free and made in-house therefor extra dressing is $.75 each.


Happy Belly –blueberries, spinach, flax, almond butter, vanilla protein powder, probiotics, almond milk (V) $9.95

Revitalizer –carrots, pineapple, banana, ginger, turmeric, lemon, coconut milk (V) $9.95

Backcountry Warrior – almond butter, banana, coconut milk, date, kale, honey, bee pollen $9.95

Maca Mint Chip – almond milk, banana, spinach, mint, maca, almond butter, coconut butter, date, cacao nibs (V) $9.95

Blue Magic – pineapple, mango, blue majik, coconut water (V) $8.95

Superhero – strawberries. banana, mango, pineapple, kale, spirulina, coconut water (V) $8.95

Acai You – pure acaí, blueberry, cold-pressed apple juice, banana (V) $8.95


Feel the Beet -beetroots, carrot, green apple, lemon, ginger $8.20

Daily Greens -kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, parsley, lemon, ginger, apple $8.20

Deep Green -kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, parsley, lemon, ginger $8.20

Celery – celery, lemon $8.20

Kick It – valencia oranges, grapefruit, ginger, cayenne $8.20

Green Wonder –kale, cucumber, pineapple, lemon, apple $8.20

Glow -carrot, pineapple, lemon, ginger, turmeric $8.20

Invigorate -carrot, apple, ginger $8.20

Altitude-ade -lemon, orange, purified H2O, agave, and Himalayan salt $5.45

Detox Lemonade -activated charcoal, lemon, purified H2O, raw honey $5.95

WELLNESS SHOTS – 2.5oz bottles

First Defense – lemon, ginger, honey, filtered water, echinacea, elderberry, zinc $4.95

Liver Cleanse -grapefruit, beet root, lemon, turmeric root, milk thistle $3.95

Relief –carrot, turmeric root, lemon, black pepper $3.95

Heavy Metal Detox –cilantro, apple, celery, lemon, ginger, chlorella $3.95


Draft Kombucha   $4.00        Organic Coffee    $2.00        Hot Tea $2.00