It’s all in the name; Elixir is defined as “a preparation supposedly able to prolong life indefinitely.” While we may not live forever, we want our customers to live a healthy and happy life.

We want to change the way people look at food. We believe the choices we make about what we eat have a direct and powerful impact on the well-being of individuals, our community and the environment. We want to make our community a better and happier place and we make that possible by producing healthy fuel that nourishes the body, fulfills the soul and treads lightly on the planet.

We believe in eating clean! We use organic whole-food ingredients; no GMOs, no preservatives, no refined oils, and no refined sugars. Our kitchen is 100% naturally gluten-free. We do offer nut-free dishes, but note that nuts are used extensively in our kitchen and we can not guarantee dishes are free of cross contamination.

Our purpose is to make an impact, connect with people and leave our guests better than we found them. Our mission is to provide our community with convenient access to healthy superfood energy for life in the mountains.

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